Logo development,
Brand Creation and Extension

"It was a pleasure to work with her. She has a very good sense of combining colours and with her knowledge she managed to coordinate my needs very well. Although it was one of her first projects, her work ethic fascinated me and I am very satisfied with the end result.”

Csoka Eniko - CEO Tomy Outlet

After several online courses I decided to make my first logo branding for one of my friends. Tomy Outlet is a successful local brand, that focuses on premium clothes. I had a conversation with her discussing about her goals and target audience. She gave me a free hand for the full brand development. I decided to create an elegant brand that resonates with the premium quality of this outlet store.

I developed Tomy Outlet by sketching my ideas on paper first. Afterwards I introduced it in Illustrator, I applied an elegant font, giving a simple and clean style to the logo. This way I offered visibility to the main store.

I accentuated the high-quality characteristics by using a gold colour palette and creating costume textures. I chose two matching colours, generating the perfect combination for a premium, elegant brand design.

Tomy Outlet is a small business, with clothes and parfumes, so i thought I will combine these two elements on the logo.