Personal logo challenge
Brand Creation 

The Pacifc Calm logo is a personal project. I studied several online courses, and one of the student projects was this challenge. 

The client brief was the following:

"Create a logo design for a lifestyle Gym called "Pacific Calm - Health Club & Spa" which offers exercise classes, yoga and has a full service spa.
The target audience is mostly women with a focus on making them stronger yet less stressed, calm and ready to conquer life. They are both a gym and a spa and their main emphasis on reducing stress. Their tagline which they'd like to have included in at least one version of the logo is 'love yourself healthy'. 
The client would like to see a version of the logo with it and a version without it so they can use it in many different scenarios. They are located in the Pacific West Coast the United States and want to work that into the logo and brands somehow whether it be drops waves ocean themes. They want something simple as well. Nothing that's too complex they plan on offering a spa shop that would have the logo or logo mark on them and they prefer to have a logo that contains a symbol or just the logo mark of some sort that canstand alone on products if need be."

With this project i used to have a lot of ideas and scathes. At first I wanted somehow to introduce in the logo all the elements which charachterize the GYM. 

After I had the logo designed, I realised I wasn't satisfied with the resolution. Unfortunatelly it did not match the clien brief requirments. It was way to complicated, with too many details. I could not imagine the logo mark appearing on a product in the spa shop. So I started to rethink the logo conception.

I highlited the high quality characteristics by accentuating a negative space as a wave formed in a lotus. In this sence i got a simply logo which meets all the specifications. 

I've made a l strong logo design appared in the sence of the waves yet less stressed owing to the lotus. It has an ephasis on services that reduce stress and has a feminine qualitie. The waves tells us that it is about a water-based service and unequivocally that it is not "JUST" a spa, because the lotus flower can be refounded in many yoga classes. In two word Spa&Exercises.